GST Updates

Central Government vide Notification No. 70/2017 Central Tax, dated 21.12.2017 amend Central Goods and Service Tax Rules, 2017 as under:

  1. In the Form GSTR-1 Table 6 is replaced to include details in respect of Central, State and UT Tax in view of notification no. 48/2017-Central Tax dated 18.10.2017 specifies supply by registered persons as deemed export by virtue of power conferred by Section 147 of CGST Act.
  2. In the Form RFD-1 Table 7 in Clause (h) the words is being substituted from “Recipient of deemed export”, to “Recipient of deemed export supplies/ Supplier of deemed export supplies”  in view of notification no. 48/2017-Central Tax dated 18.10.2017 specifies supply by registered persons as deemed export by virtue of power conferred by Section 147 of CGST Act.
  3. In the Form RFD-1 after Statement 1, Statement 1A is being inserted to facilitate refund claim of Input Tax Credit due to inverted tax structure.
  4. In the Form RFD-1 after Statement 5A, a statement containing the number and date of invoices along with such other evidence in Statement 5B inserted, in a case where the refund is on account of deemed exports.
  5. Same substitution and insertion made in Form RFD-1A as in case of Form RFD-1.


Central Government vide various notifications seeks to extend dates as under:

Notification No. Notification Date Particulars Form Extended to:
67 21.12.2017 Making a declaration, by the registered persons, who have become eligible during the months of July, August, September, October and November 2017, to the effect that they are eligible to avail the input tax credit. GST ITC-1 31.01.2018
68 21.12.2017 Furnishing the return by a non-resident taxable person for the months of July, August,  September, October, November and December 2017 GSTR- 5 31.01.2018
69 21.12.2017 Furnishing the return by a person supplying online information and database access or retrieval services from a place outside India to a non-taxable online recipient for the month of July, August, September, October, November and December 2017. GSTR-5A 31.01.2018

Central Government vide various Circulars provides clarifications as under:

Circular No. Date Particulars
22/2017 21.12.2017 Manual filing of applications for Advance Ruling and appeals before Appellate Authority for Advance Ruling.
22/2017 21.12.2017 Manual filing and processing of refund claims on account of inverted duty structure, deemed exports and excess balance in electronic cash ledger.
22/2017 21.12.2017 Issues in respect of maintenance of books of accounts relating to additional place of business by a principal or an auctioneer for the purpose of auction of tea, coffee, rubber etc.
22/2017 21.12.2017 Clarification on issues regarding treatment of supply by an artist in various States and supply of goods by artists from galleries.


Central Government vide various Orders seeks to extend dates as under:

Order No. Order date Particulars Form Extended to:
11/2017 21.12.2017 Intimation of details of stock held on the date preceding the date from which the option to pay tax under composition scheme U/s. 10. GST CMP-03 31.01.2018


Press release for 24th GST Council meeting on 16.12.2017

Decision of GST Council : Inter-State e-way Bill to be made compulsory from 1 st of February, 2018; system to be ready by 16th of January, 2018.


The 24th meeting of the GST Council held today through a video conference. It discussed about the implementation of e-way Bill system in the country. Till such time as National e-way Bill is ready, the States were authorized to continue their own separate e-way Bill systems. However, it was represented by the trade and transporters that this is causing undue hardship in inter-State movement of goods and therefore, bringing in an early all India system of e-way Bill has become a necessity. The GST Council reviewed the progress of readiness of hardware and software required for the introduction of nationwide e-way Bill system. After discussions with all the states, the following decisions are taken :- i) The nationwide e-way Bill system will be ready to be rolled out on a trial basis latest by 16th January, 2018. Trade and transporters can start using this system on a voluntary basis from 16th January, 2018. ii) The rules for implementation of nationwide e-way Bill system for inter-State movement of goods on a compulsory basis will be notified with effect from 1st February, 2018. This will bring uniformity across the States for seamless inter-State movement of goods. iii) While the system for both inter-State and intra-State e-way Bill generation will be ready by 16th January, 2018, the States may choose their own timings for implementation of e-way Bill for intra-State movement of goods on any date before 1st June, 2018. There are certain States which are already having system of e-way Bill for intra-State as well as inter-State movement and some of those States can be early adopters of national eway Bill system for intra-State movement also. But in any case uniform system of e-way Bill for inter-State as well as intra-State movement will be implemented across the country by 1st June, 2018.


Compiled by CA. Manilal Parsiya

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